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Ami Kim
Ami Kim, Executive Director

Wow!  What a great turnout for our No Fault Divorce training!  Did you know – assistance with obtaining a divorce is one of the highest need areas for legal aid organizations?  When our volunteers handle no-fault divorce cases, they create breathing room for legal aid staff to handle more contentious and complex matters.  Thank you to all who raise their hands to help.

We have launched a new partnership with the Collaboratory of Virginia – serving local nonprofits with educational sessions on nonprofit law basics and meeting with them for “office hours“.  This partnership will continue GRBF’s history of providing “good advice for those doing good” and provide a great opportunity for transactional attorneys interested in pro bono.  Please email us to learn more.

Our Wills for Healthcare Heroes clinic is helping to provide simple wills for hundreds of frontline workers at VCU Health. The demand for simple wills shows how many people value the peace of mind from knowing that their affairs are in order, and the program provides one of the easiest entrees into pro bono.

This month we learned that the Richmond region experienced its largest single-year increase in homelessness, increasing by more than 50%. This trend is especially concerning, given the public health emergency we are experiencing with COVID-19.  Fortunately, our EDP volunteers continue to work with our partners at Central Virginia Legal Aid Society and Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia to negotiate agreements that help families stay in their homes.

If you have any suggestions or questions about GRBF’s activities or priorities, or just need to chat, please feel free to email me.

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