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Wills Clinics: Easy and Rewarding Pro Bono Work

You need a will and life planning documents - even if you’re not rich.

If you have young children, what would happen to them if something happened to you? If you’re in an accident and cannot speak for yourself, who will decide what care you’ll receive? Do you want the state – or a stranger – to decide for you?
In fact, the majority of Americans (over 60%) do not have a will or other life planning documents, which can lead to unnecessary and burdensome court proceedings to determine guardianships of minor children, distribute assets, or make end-of-life care decisions.
Good News: Wills clinics provide easy and rewarding opportunities for pro bono work. GRBF partners with local organizations to provide a basic Will, Power of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directive to help low-income individuals and families, frontline workers, seniors, Veterans, and others. Through simple, step-by-step templates, virtually any lawyer, from any practice, can do this. No Trusts & Estates experience required! GRBF provides all the tools necessary and mentorship. With recent virtual transitions, it’s even easier! To get started, look for an upcoming Wills training session or Wills clinic, or email Shane Harper, Director of Administration, at admin@grbf.org.

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GRBF does not provide services for individuals, but these resources can help.